Beta 3: Build 887 hotfix

Beta 3 (Build 887) is now up on Steam!


  • Fixed hand truck not updating cargo correctly
  • Added option menu to in-game
  • Disabled terminate contract for initial residential building in demo
  • Fixed dropdown in BizMan settings displaying wrong values
  • Fixed can’t rename warehouse
  • Fixed can enter non-rented warehouses
  • Fixed Logistics Managers destination dropdown showing empty businesses as option
  • Fixed building resumes not localizing neighborhood name
  • Fixed game breaking when hovering item while exiting building
  • Add black and white to BizMan logo customizer
  • Removed report bug button from the Main Menu
  • Changed in-game mini menu to pause the game when open
  • Changed burger hype event to occur globally (previously it only triggered on Garment District)
  • Fixed some savegame errors that where caused by handtruck duplication bug
  • Fix notification sound playing more than once
  • Fixed forklift being static in Warehouse

again, not everything has been translated into Russian

Oups! Names left. Will be fixed on the next patch