Beta 3: Build 886 hotfix

Beta 3 (Build 886) is now up on Steam!


  • Fixed compatibility fix not working with hsg savegames
  • Fixed tutorial not hiding on Full Menu Apps
  • Fixed loan remaining amount not getting reduced
  • Fixed Industrial Freezer wasn’t buyable in the first Appliance Store
  • Fixed business name not getting correctly parsed on Marketing Agency dialog
  • Fixed vehicle names showing previous item quantity on item panel title
  • Fixed “Start gift shop” not getting completed when changing the shop type on settings
  • Fixed employee missing skill notification not being localized
  • Changed color of tutorial guider
  • Removed alpha/beta no-sharing warning
  • Added ability to fill shelves using handtrucks
  • Fixed small industrial freezer not getting localized
  • Fixed employee salaries not showing on EconoView
  • Fixed bank dialog amount too low localization error
  • Fixed disappearing cargo with cars and handtrucks
  • Made customers spread evenly along the different cash registers with employees
  • Fixed radio playing in forklift
  • Fixed various navigation issues
  • Added remaining localization to BizMan delivery contracts
  • Fixed imported products not having original purchase price
  • Fixed logs not getting included in when reporting bugs
  • Disabled purchasing other vehicles than the Mimic in demo
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