Beta 3: Build 879 hotfix

Beta 3 (Build 879) is now up on Steam!


  • Added option to reload Localizor translations from Options
  • Added wet roads
  • Fixed diplomas not getting completed
  • Disabled FreeCam in demo
  • Fixed wishlist buttons not working in demo
  • Fixed dropdowns in overlays not showing correct the first time
  • Switched to binary savegame files
  • Make warehouse inventory labels a bit more clear (import/shipped)

how can it be if 71% is written about the translation on that site and in the game 53% of Russia it is written 53%

The in-game translations only get updated manually from time to time. You can force update it by clicking the “refresh” icon next to the “Open Localizor” button :slight_smile:

hello, how to be one word is not enough to translate to 100% now 99.9% how to be given to us in Russian

and when will we be able to switch to Russian in the game itself if it says 100% in Russian

You can already switch it in the options menu :slight_smile:

I switch to Russian but still gives English

Does not allow the Russian language to be turned on

Fixed in Build 882. Thanks fo reporting :slight_smile: