Beta 2: Build 754 hotfix

Beta 2 (Build 754) is now up on Steam!


  • Fix city simulator not working if player using cash register with cleaning stations on the business
  • Fix business cleaning being 0 if not simulating the customers
  • Fixed shutting down business not affecting market demands
  • Fixed bakery showcase not set to croissant
  • Allow exiting building preview when not inside an existing building
  • Fix error when calculating todo tasks with packed items
  • Fix error when customers entering a business without points of sales
  • Fix can’t manage delivery driver from MyEmployees
  • Fix Building preview breaking the game when inside the same building type that the preview
  • Fix “Rent a small office” objective not getting completed
  • Fix item overlay errors with storages
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здрувствуйть когда будет бето версия 3

когда будет 3 бето версия в офецально пишется в июне уже июнь

куда все пропали

Hi there! Please write your messages in English only. Google Translate causes too many misunderstandings for us, unfortunately.

hi I want to know when the beta version 3 will be written on the official website that in June but already June

It’s just around the corner. The plan was release today, but we’ve been struggling with a hard-to-fix bug. I’m 90% sure it’s coming out tomorrow :partying_face:

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I understand correctly that the Russian language will already be added to the beta version 3

Not exactly. The game supports translations, but they still need to be done. We use community translations. Russian is currently at 0%: Localizor - Community Translations for Games

We’ll start inviting players to help translate the game shortly after Beta 3 release.

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but it was written on the official website
Add localization/translation support to beta version 3

That’s what it means. The game now supports localization. Beta 2 could only show English strings.

Since the war started, we have only had a handful of sales from Russia. We cannot afford to pay a professional Russian translator. Community translations are the best we can do.

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Russian Russian players can continue to help you with the translation into Russian I found out about this game through a Russian YouTuber and I liked it and I just think if you take those people from Russia who are playing the game and ask them to help you with the perivol, I think they will not mind

Yes, I’m sure it will reach 100% translated at some point, no doubt :slight_smile:

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I have already decided to help you and began to help you with the translation into Russian
It’s already 22 %