Beta 2: Build 740 hotfix

Beta 2 (Build 740) is now up on Steam!


  • Bizman Schedule: Show employee info when hovering employees
  • Fix Daily Summary stays open if opening citymap
  • Change 38 First Ave from warehouse to retail M1
  • Cleaners no longer work on closed days
  • Fix purchasing agents and logistics managers errors when shutting down warehouses
  • Fix Warehouse: Moving trucks inside of warehouse not unassigning correctly
  • Fixed issue with high quantity products in low quantity businesses
  • Fixed missing purchase price for imported products
  • Fix selling vehicles inside warehouse not unassigning the slots
  • Fix Impossible to exit building preview when inside a car
  • Fix Storing a stack of storageshelves on a storage shelf
  • Fix Upcoming tasks created when you haven’t assigned a business
  • Fix Purchasing marketing campaign adds money