Automatically stock a new item upon first delivery

I’m not sure if this is a feature suggestion or a bug, but I am starting it as a suggestion.

I had a fast-food place going, with a contract delivery system set up - hotdogs, pizza, fries, soda.

I wanted to expand, so I purchased and set up the burger grill. But instead of manually buying burgers and loading them onto the machine, I just added them to the delivery contract. They were successfully delivered and ended up on my storage shelf, but since they were never manually stocked, the game never automatically “restocked” them into the grill itself.

I noticed a few days later when my burger sales were at 0 and the burgers were just sitting on the shelf. I manually stocked the first time, and everything was golden from there, but I feel if the machine is properly setup and the inventory comes in, it should automatically load.

Had the same problem.

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This one needs some discussion (but you definitely have a point there!)

The first time you place a furniture that will sell an item (be it a rounded shelf, a burger grill, etc), its default item is none. Right now, there’s only one kind of burger that the burger grill accepts, but there’s two kinds of gifts that the rounded shelf accepts. So we can’t randomly choose the item that the rounded shelf should sell when restocking with “none” item set.

At first sight, it would make sense to set the burgers as the default item for the burger grill as it is the only item it can display (for now), but that would be inconsistent for some furniture like the rounded shelf.

So, we would need a more elegant way to approach it. We could let the player set the item it should store when placing the furniture, but that may be too tedious for the player


Good point David. What about a rightclick function where you can set the product to sell? Or an on hover dropdown?

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I think that’ll be the way to go. But how would you feel if you had to place several shelves and for each shelf set the product? Wouldn’t that be too repetitive?

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Clothes will have the same problem.

Using a dropdown is quicker than walking with with a box, so I won’t mind it.


Good point about multiple items working on one type of shelf, but as @Namennaj said, I wouldn’t mind clicking one more setting while placing the object (ie. set down a rounded table, assign it to be “expensive gifts”)

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What do you think?

If item is not undefined, it will automatically get stocked when a delivery occurs


That is simple, clean and clear. I love it.


Will be included in next version (beta 1)!