Automatic shop layout? or blueprint of interior

maybe let it be edited by the player but sometimes something like a blueprint of interior of shop may save a few minutes when start a new business. just an idea. I can live without it. theres other game with these feature sometimes a player may want to save a couple minutes.


The idea is good and at the same time not. If I understand you correctly: “You suggest that when buying/renting a building for a business, click the” Automatic shop layout " button and the furniture will be bought and arranged by itself." I’m right? :thinking: It does not fit into the concept of the game a little, because in fact we personally go to the store and buy furniture, and then we put it so that it is convenient to move around (or that everything fits into the interior). Moreover, if at least 1 “blueprint” of the interior is created for each type of business, then all the stores will simply look monotonous, because the player will constantly use this function, which will cause interest in the game to disappear due to its monotony. But this is just my opinion.

I want something like this, but might have another suggestion:

We could expand the possibilities of interior interface.
In this mode we have an own bar for all the furniture that is inside the shop.
Or better yet, if it could include the furniture in the car outside (just a suggestion).
Then we could place the furniture around the store withouth having to walk around and looking silly.
yes, placing 24 clothing racks was clumsy.
and assigning what type of clothes to each rack was also clumsy.
I always pressed the wrong button or I clicked on the clothing rack next to it.
placing furniture is super annoying, especially after they decided to add the feature were you could select goods. I’m always pressing the wrong buttons or wrong furniture. It’s like writing on a small phone with huge hands while haunted by autocorrect.