Automatic driving option

This may be hard to implement do to pathfinding for vehicles. I guess it would need follow similar ways that the artificial cars use but not disappear if they are blocked.

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This would be helpful - or maybe you could hire a personal driver employee that does the same function, so you get the feature but still have to pay for it.


This would definitely be helpful. I think an Auto park feature as would be a nice touch also… Countless times I’ve driven across town to pick up supplies and the business closed seconds before, because I was trying to parallel park and not get a ticket. Then again, I guess that’s fairly realistic.

if you are like me you probably have a hard time with parallel parking. I don’t drive or park cars in real life and don’t have the coordination to park perfect. I always go front or back first but have no idea when to turn the wheel. and even if i got the wheel turned the correct way i end up driving to far one direction. its trial and error i get parked decent. more space i have to work with the better. about 3 to 5 car lengths are easiest spots for me.

The Luxury Car has auto park I believe.

I think how it would be best implemented would be working towards it, for example you need a certain amount of money and could pay for the technology for your car to auto park like the luxury car or add that and “auto drive” but tbh I think it should be exclusive to certain vehicles like a vehicle similar to a tesla or something like that.

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