Once again, I have another idea and kind of a fun one.

Arcade! Would be really neat to have Arcades, have a bunch of Arcade machines like Skeeball and Video Games. You can set prices for the type of machines, and sell food like Pizza and Burgers and maybe add some new stuff like Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Fountain Drinks. Would mean new appliances too which would be cool, maybe have a specific Appliance seller that sells entertainment appliances.

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Or even a vending machine business! You could put it in someone else’s business space and share some of the revenue with the business owner that you put the vending machine in.

Maybe they could put in some sort of negotiation system for negotiating the percentage??

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Here is the suggestion you’re looking for :slight_smile:
Vending Machine Company - New Business Ideas - Big Ambitions Community (

Thanks! A lot of the time IRL these two are sometimes combined. A few local laundry places in my area have claw machines in them that they profit share with the person that owns the machine.

Vending Machines could be added pretty much anywhere, yes! In those cases, the vending machine/claw machine is owned by another company that comes in periodically to fill it up and collect the money and do maintenance.

So, if there were a vending machine company, you could install those machines into any existing company!

yes that would be a really exciting company for me as I’m just getting one started IRL! A tough business, but very rewarding!

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Ooh very exciting and good luck with that! If you have any issues with the IRL business, I’m afraid those bug reports are harder to debug :wink: