Annoying bug but can't reproduce


I have a really annoying bug on my save game that i can’t reproduce.

Sometimes, when midnight comes, the popup windows announcing today’s profit with my number of business doesn’t appear.

The Profit and Cost ammount are highlighted in the top bar and the daily profit appears here but not the popup.

And it’s really annoying because when the popup doesn’t appear, restock are not made in shops so doesn’t Import orders.

I have to manually save at 23h50 and reload if it happens as generally it’s OK the second time.

I don’t know if you are aware of this bug adn how can I help.

Thank you for your awesome game.


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After longer playthroughs it seems sometimes the UI gets stuck sometimes. Might be a small memory leak that builds up over time or something, but it happens only after playing for a long time at once. And as you noticed, the solution is just to save and reload if that happens!

If it does happen, you could always reload a recovery save (by default those are saved every 5 minutes of real time) so you can go back before midnight if needed. Or just save and reload and the next night it should be fine. But hopefully we’re able to figure out the cause and fix it soon!

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Thanks for your ansmwer, I’m glad it’s going to be fixed.

I’ll try to do shorter session but it’s hard as the game is so fun to play !

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I totally understand - it’s great to play for hours and hours! If you do see anything weird, just save and reload and you should be fine to continue! :smiley: