Alpha 9: Build 347 hotfix

Hi everyone,

It has come to our attention that 2 game-breaking bugs were hiding from us in the online version of Alpha 9.

Build 347 has now been shipped and fixes:

  • Unable to load some savegames created in Alpha 9.
  • Clicking the recruitment agency contact would show a blank screen after receiving a candidate.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you’ll enjoy Alpha 9 :slight_smile:



Wow! That was fast! I just created a topic about it 2 hours ago! Great job!

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I still have a problem with sales, there are absolutely none

Pushed another update, Build 348:

  • Fixed retail business not making any sales.

me to cant sell any products or get past work for 2 days objectiv

Are you sure you’re on build 348? It says on the main menu.

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Man that was fast great job thank

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когда будет Alpha 10 просто написали что будет во фрале

Скоро выкатят , думаю после 14 февраля где то в середине месяца)

Ещё хотфикс должен выйти , с доставкой проблемы решить

Alpha 10 will be out late in this month, around 26th I’m guessing.

Correct, this has just been released :slight_smile:

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Super! And why did I close almost all businesses today due to confusion with contracts :sweat_smile:
Thank you for solving the problems quickly :slight_smile:

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