Alpha 10 movement bugs

Alpha 10 seems to have some weird bugs when it comes to moving both the player and items. Right now I’ve opened a second business and placed a number of items but I can no longer manage storage on the storage shelf (nothing happens). I can’t move a piece of furniture unless I move it, left click, save, exit to main menu and then load the game in again (where it will have moved the item to where I wanted it).

The player only enters buildings occasionally. Otherwise you have to save the game and then automatically be teleported into the building but then when you leave you no longer run automatically until you save again.

I know this is an alpha but it seems like the game has gone slightly backwards because I can’t even get back to the same position as I was in on my last save. My second business can’t be opened because I can’t get to the stock so I can’t progress.

Hello! The bug has already been fixed, and will be available on the next patch. Sorry!

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