Alpha 10: Build 485 hotfix

Alpha 10 (Build 485) is now up on Steam!


  • Fixed issue making it impossible to enter vehicle at specific positions
  • Moved “cargo loading” player position to back of vehicles
  • Fixed wrong colliders in harbor area
  • Fixed issue making it hard to drive semi truck into warehouse loading dock
  • Fixed issue when loading items into forklift
  • Fixed issue making it possible to enter wholesale store out of opening hours
  • Fixed paperbags turning into "closed cardboard box " when clicking pack
  • Fixed issue making items inaccessible after cancelling to discard
  • Added missing parking lanes to Hell’s Kitchen area
  • Fixed issue where player vehicles would collide with AI vehicles when exiting warehouses



можно узнать после релиза все равно будет добавлен русский язык или его отминили с санкцымии

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We keep our word, Russian will still be added :slight_smile: Localization is currently planned for Beta 4 (June 2022): Roadmap - Big Ambitions

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здравствуйть вы говорить что будет в июнь русский язык но это же бето версия 3 а 4 это июль

хочу узна точно какой бете версси будет русские язык