Allow sandbox mod to get achievements

I have followed the story mod and finished the mission 2 million deposit and then switched to sandbox mod to have a bit more freedom like don’t have to worry about happiness and negative interest rate. However, it is a bit unpleasant to think about unable to get any achievements in this mod.

As what I see from the sandbox settings, except you can set the initial deposit to any crazy number nothing is super unbalanced. So why can’t we get achievements in this mod? You can set a limit to the initial amount so it won’t be crazily unbalanced

You’re right - if you want to disable portions of the game, sandbox mode is great. But turning off things like happiness and negative interest rate means that you’re turning off some of the challenges, which wouldn’t be fair to get achievements when everyone else has to get those achievements while still paying the interest and maintaining happiness.

And we definitely don’t want to limit those initial amounts - it’s sandbox! Players want to have that freedom to start how they like!

Hi, I guess my point here is, after the first one or two runs, a lot of players don’t want to go back to story mode since Uncle Fred’s advice is no longer that much needed now. And we don’t have to open a gift store and a burger store at the very beginning. I know you can always ignore him. But the feeling of not completing the mission is often daunting me.

Happiness and negative interest don’t bother me that much but I know there are quite a number of players don’t like them.

While I partly agree with you on the fairness part. But let’s be honest it is a single player game and fairness is usually of the least concern. You can pretty much install any mod or modify any save file as you like, so is that really that important?

But my point here is, is it really right to have to go back to story mode since it is the only way to unlock achievements?

Start the story mode, then call Uncle Fred and tell him to leave you alone - this will disable the story mode. Then you don’t have to “ignore him” or leave a mission “not complet[ed]”!

That way you don’t have to worry about the story, but you can still get achievements!