Additional Retail/Wholesale Stores and/or Products

Additional Retail/Wholesale Stores and/or Products:

  • Potential for Playable Versions of some of the already existing retail businesses: Auto Dealerships (possibly including mechanic shop), Furniture/Office Supply Shops, Appliance Store, Wholesale Store, Import/Export, etc.

  • Additional Furniture/Appliances (Potential Products: Stove, Microwave, Washing Machine, etc.)

  • Additional Clothing Store Products (Potential Products: Jackets, Shoes (Casual, Dress), etc.; Potential Furniture: Shoe Rack)

  • Additional Jewelry Store Products (Potential Products: Watches)

  • Additional Liquor Store Products (Potential Products: Beer, Spirits; Potential Furniture: Reuse drinksfridge)

  • Additional Fast Food Store Products (Potential Products: Sandwiches/Wraps, Ice Cream, Chicken, Nuggets, Chips/Snacks, etc.; Potential Furniture: Ice Cream Machine, Reuse/Modify SaladBar for Sandwiches/Wraps, Reuse Product Display for Chips/Snacks). Ability to sell Coffee at Fast Food Shop.

  • Additional Coffee Shop Products (Potential Products: Sandwiches/Wraps, Tea, etc.; Potential Furniture: Tea Machine, Reuse SaladBar for Sandwiches/Wraps)

  • Smoothie/Juice Bar: (Potential Products: Smoothie, Fruit Bowl, Tea, Sandwiches/Wraps, etc.; Potential Furniture: Smoothie Machine, Tea Machine, Reuse/Modify SaladBar for Fruit Bowls & Sandwiches/Wraps)

  • General Merchandise/Discount Store (i.e. Walmart/Target) (Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Shelf)

  • Drug Store (Potential Products: Prescriptions, Over the Counter: Cold/Headache Pills, Cough Syrup, Vitamins/Supplements, First Aid Kits, Bandages/Band-Aids, etc; Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Shelf)

  • Personal Care Products that can be sold at General Retailer, Drug Store, and/or Specialty Store (Potential Products: Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Razor, Soap, Shampoo, Lotion, etc; Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Shelf)

  • Household Products that can be sold at General Retailer, Drug Store, and/or Specialty Store (Potential Products: Detergent, Dish Soap, etc. Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Shelf)

  • Books that can be sold at General Retailer and/or Specialty Store (Potential Products: Romance Books, Mystery Books, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books, Nonfiction Books, etc; Potential Furniture: Bookshelf)

  • Electronics Store (Potential Products: Phones, Tablets, Personal Computers, Printers, TV’s, Stereos, Headphones, Cameras, Game Consoles, etc.; Potential Furniture: General Merchandise Shelf, Electronics Display Shelf)

  • Dynamic Restaurants

  • Movie Theatre (Potential Products: Movie Tickets, Popcorn, Candy, Snacks; Potential Furniture: Movie Theatre Room (Projector, Screen, Seating), Popcorn Machine, Snack Shelf)

  • Laundromat and/or Drycleaning (Service: Cleaning & Drying)

  • Barber Shop/Hair Salon (Service: Haircut/Styling; Potential Furniture: Barber Shop Station (Chair/Mirror))

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