Additional Hiring Options

More options for narrowing down results when searching for employees, such as pay range or skill % range, etc.

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I don’t know … there was a reason why it changed from the old phone recruiting picker to a more ‘pool’ way of choosing your employee’s.

Doing it like that would make it easier, but then again would probably make it so easy it would look so redundant… Now you have to ‘find’ the employee you want.

And in real life it’s also a struggle finding the ‘right’ employee so I think it somewhat displays that this way. If you simplify it like that you take away this element.

Thats a good point, I hadn’t thought about it like that. Thinking about it like that, what is in the game now is probably a better system than what I suggested.

Actually not really, businesses normally set up databases for stuff like that. I also find it strange that the employee sets their wages. In the USA it’s the employer not the person applying for the types of jobs in that are in this game. Sure they might not take the job, but the pay is normally low for these jobs, but its also why they have high turnover. They should have employees quitting all the time and having to replace them.