Addition of new features / fixes

Few things I’d like to see in the future updates :

  • Taking bulk orders / export with price negotiation feature.
  • Finance options on buying trucks/cars
  • More business opportunities
  • Character customizations
  • Trading stocks
  • Fast travel
  • Warehouses don’t have fixed capacity , they are totally based on the numbers of pallets you have in
    there. just a display to show how full they are while hovering on the warehouse
  • Ability to copy interiors from owned businesses
  • More camera angles
  • Ability to rent out buildings after its bought.
  • Auctions on buildings , cars , etc

Fast travel, you are aware you can use the subway and have taxi’s that can drive you to your destinations faster? :slight_smile:

Interior/order blueprints are on the roadmap but they are sheduled right now for July.

When you purchased a building you can already rent it out! Make sure to click on it and go to the rent tab.