Adding new things to the business

it was possible to add something else to the gift and flower shop and to the burger restaurant to add something to these businesses of things

Hello - what exactly are you asking about?

some new goods

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I was thinking about this today during my play session… i noted the type to search function that narrows down the possible items in a list and two things struck me:
First, there are very few possible products to warrant a search function this good to be in place (it really is a good function).
Second, it could be possible to rename the product that is being sold - so a player could forget about what the products actually look like and rename them - a gift shop could sell a [cheap gift] called a “Soft Toy”, or a restarant could sell two types of burger called “Big Boy” and “Tall Mac” - both of which would use the [burger] type of purchased product but the player could build a menu.

Similarly, the AI competitors would gain access to that renamed product and would start selling it too, of course it would be by name only but it adds flavour.

All of this would be moot if it were possible to have a new product design (NPD) module within the game, that allows a company (player or AI) to perform design and order production runs of particular products, or order knock-off versions of established products to import and sell in their stores. I don’t mean manufacture because that sort of thing doesn’t tend to happen in the parts of the city that are featured in the game - but design, branding and ordering imports are certainly done