Add a pallet truck

Well pretty straightforward… could be nice to add a new tool to our business man life: a pallet truck!

Could transport 8 or 10 boxes.
Needs to be purchased at a appliance store and placed in your business/warehouse/home like you would place a Cleaning Station.
Maybe would take 2 slots in your vehicles (because it’s big).

With such a great tool we could move things to our shops faster, better, harder… ok it’s not a song here just a feature suggestion sorry :sweat_smile:


Some warehouses do have a forklift, but they don’t seem to carry boxes like a handcart. I would love for those forklifts to function as you’re describing here. Maybe even carry 20 boxes since it’s a vehicle!

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Feel like a follower, but +1

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Forklifts only load but don’t unload

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