Achievements Not Triggering

I’m trying to get the apartment furniture cost achievements. I’ve stuffed the place full of P&S Peolab 90’s (yes, it sounds atrocious when the radio’s on), but neither the $500k or $2m achievements have triggered. I got the $100k just fine.

Do these not count as furniture, or am I missing something?

In general, those do count, yes. To confirm, is this a brand-new playthrough? Or this saved file existed prior to the last couple patches?

If you’ve had it for a while, that’s why. It’s a known issue on older saves where it’s not counting stuff properly for those two perks, but should be working on fresh saves, though.

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I bought & started the game on April 22nd, it currently says it’s Version EA0.1 Build 1727
Steam doesn’t show any available updates for me.

On another somewhat related note, I get happy little green checkmarks by achievements I’ve not completed at all.

Hmm. That doesn’t seem right. The check on the left means you have the steam achievement already - so if you start a new playthrough the checks on the right will be empty, but the checks will remain on the left.

But if you just bought it and this is your first playthrough, that is very odd. Could you hit F2 and submit that as a bug report please, so we can look into it?

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Sure thing! It’s sent.

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Hello again! Here’s a question for you - you have all those speakers, but did you get them in one session? Or did you get a few, then save and exit. Then get a few more next time you played, etc.

I was able to get the achievements to populate in your game, so something weird is going on!

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I’m sorry I can’t quite remember if I saved and exited!

I ordered them in two batches and had them delivered. The first was definitely enough to trigger 500k, but under 2m, and then later on when 500k didn’t trigger, I bought even more (also through delivery) to try and trigger 2m. I don’t remember if I saved & exited between the two orders though.

Roger that! Thank you, hopefully they can find the issue and fix it soon!