A few thinks I saw in the new furniturestore

I spend a bit of time in the new furniturestore and found some interesting things:

NPCs using the wrong way towards the CashRegister/ whole store. Here you see one guy without a package walking trough the CashRegister area.

I have to wait in the queue without anybody in front of me, because an NPC at the other end of the store decided to use the same cashregister a few seconds before me.

If you want to grab the KingSized bed within the store, the charakter is running into another room and than grabs a package with the bed.

After clicking the lower one I graped it her:

And for the upper one here:

When NPCs are waiting in the queue, they are just standing infront of the object they want to buy and wait till they are the one that needs to pay. And this could take up to a long time standing still. (After more than one hour InGame I stoped standing beside them.)

This is not a bug, but it would be great if you could add it:
NPCs are only buying one object, it would be great if some of them would use the HandTruck’s.

Hi @Kaboozt, the queue issue is a long known problem already but became more serious with the furniture store: https://github.com/hovgaardgames/bigambitions-public/issues/148

The bed pickup issue is related to the bug we already announced when publishing Alpha 6 and will be fixed in the next update: https://github.com/hovgaardgames/bigambitions-public/issues/489

Regarding walking through the cash register area, I wouldn’t consider this a bug but just an effect of the current design. BA doesn’t know separation of entrance/exit yet so people will just choose any way they like. The same is true for people walking towards the cash register with a box in hands, they also often come from the wrong side.

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