A few Minor Text issues / clarification

  • The alert pops up that the employee “has finished HIS training” (emphasis mine), even though the Employee was listed as female.

  • When you call the Recruitment office during an active recruitment, the options are “Cancel” and “Cancel Recruitment”. It took me a moment to realize the first cancel was meant to “Cancel Call”. Perhaps adding the word “Call” to the first one would help.

  • See attached picture for wordwrap issue:
    Big Ambitions 3_2_2022 6_42_26 PM

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For your second issue, I think an elegant solution would to label the button “Hang Up”. :slight_smile:

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…I mean, if you want to offer a solution that makes complete sense and is super simple, then yeah! :smiley:

Noted! Changes will be available in the next build (485)

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