A few bugs with new things

Hey there, some smol bugs 'ere.

Screenshot 2022-01-26 013657

1: The cashier in my fast food establishment started behaving weirdly after installing an item in the store (Hot Dog Grill) and got stuck. Seemed to be fixed when I got back.

2: car showing a mysterious grey cube when driving, seems to only appear in the starter sedan, and disappears if I scroll, might be a performance rendering bug.

3: For some reason, even with advertising, the gift shop is generating almost zero revenue, even though it has 80% popularity.

Whilst this is an old save, I did adapt everything that needed adapting (like adding a rounded shelf and putting cheap gifts on it, and adding the new schedules) however for some reason cheap gifts are not selling at all. This is a game breaking glitch as it is currently cause my to generate a $124 gross loss each day it’s opened, and a $400-odd gross loss on each day it’s closed. Meaning all of the profit from my fast food place is getting eaten up by the losses in the gift shop.

Could you please send us your savegame?
Thank you!

Newgame4.txt (1.5 MB)

Alright, storage shelves (the old metal shelves) were still being used as shelves with cheap gifts by the AI, which was causing customers to collapse. This savegame should fix it (played for a day and got +30 customers on the GG Gifts shop, so should work!)

Newgame4.txt (3.3 MB)

We still have to look at bugs #1 and #2 :face_with_monocle:

Looks good, also, the grey issue seemed to have fixed itself.

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Closing this bug.
The grey issue while driving still exists if you’re zoomed in, but that’s reported separately already.