A bug or a feature?

I’m new to the game so I don’t know how much of this is an issue. I noticed that when the registered is not assigned to anyone customers steal from you.

So I noticed one time when my store was left unattended (the hired employee was a no-show) and I wound up assigning my character to the register.

After I assigned the MC to the register customers were STILL stealing from me, those swine! This is not all the customers but just a few of them.

otherwise I haven’t run into any problems.

And I get that this isn’t a major issue…

Hello - I mentioned this in your other thread, but if no one is there, and they walk out, your inventory should be replaced. However, if you’re at the register, it might be something different.

When you place a cash register or checkout counter, it automatically places a “queue line”. To see and adjust this line, go to your store, open Interior Designer and click on the cash register.

The issue might be that you placed the cash register too close to the door and the queue line is going out the door. Either move the register or adjust the queue line as described above and it might help.