6/11/24 Update #1 Pricing Issues, Update #2 Strange Pricing

Before the first Update on 6/11/24 the game was great. I could earn a decent bit of income to try and compete with the rivals. Was earning roughly 360k per day, then the patch hit… After the patch was lucky if I earned 90k each day and across the entire Insight board pricing was the issue. After spending HOURS of stressful fiddling to get the prices low enough so the Insight pricing was back up to 100% I could earn roughly 180k (about half as if something was cut 50% in the code) with all of my businesses. So, from 360k to 180k with one patch :great:

When the second update hit on 6/11/24 I figured something would have been fixed (see previous paragraph), but I was wrong. NOW, randomly the furniture store prices are 2-3x normal pricing as if the NPC/AI running those changes prices like the other NPC/AI characters. WHAT??, $24k+ for an Industrial Coffee Machine??? At $12.5k it was a decent investment. The Industrial Freezer, normally $17.5k, now over $30k…insanity. A Cabinet with Drawers usually $470, now $850+, and finally the Cash Register $1580+ each. To counter this one must sleep one night as the prices are at normal levels in the morning (like it was just a bad dream).

You add the pricing issues combined with the random furniture store oddity and if not careful you will not survive in the Sandbox version of the game. I do not know if this is happening in the Storyline version.


Hello! We’re looking into the furniture store prices and will be addressing it!

As for the prices - the previously high prices were bugged, which has been fixed now - unfortunately, that means, if you were maxed out on those bugged prices, they will be lower now!

Thought it could be just my old save game file, so I started a new game. Nope, 1 business, a Gift Shop, I can no longer make any money between setting the prices so low to make the customers happy so they buy something, and the daily merchandise price ups and downs. Each day I am might have $700 or less at the end, which will never get high enough to attack the rivals.

$700 or less? Sounds like things are definitely not set up well. Go ahead and hit F2 and submit a bug report - be sure to mention your name and this site / thread so I know it’s yours!

I got your bug report - just to confirm a couple things. You mentioned that with your lower income it would be much harder to attack the rivals. But you also mentioned that 17 of the rivals also had their incomes “tanking”. That should balance things out since nearly everyone is making less money.

In the bug report you sent, you’re making $4k - $5k per day and that’s with 32% customer service, and 69% interior, which means the number could go even higher! Especially since one cash register is only used half the day too, that seems to be limiting your sales for a few hours.