"2nd Ave" name at the Grand Central Station split

When 2nd Avenue splits into two parts for Grand Central Station, the street names seem wrong. Obviously, it’s a game, and this can be ignored, but just wanted to point it so you were aware.

I know you’re pulling from the real Grand Central Station and how Park Avenue splits around the station. But the Park Avenue split is on the elevated portion of the road, not the part on the ground. Also, I realize that your elevated portion is a closed loop, rather than directly continuing and reconnecting to 2nd Ave on the other side.

My suggestion would be that the elevated portion be designated differently, like “Park Court” (since it’s a loop, I think “Court” seems the most applicable). Then the two sections of 2nd Ave that split and rejoin could be differentiated like “N 2nd Ave” and “S 2nd Ave” until they rejoin on the other side of the station into one “2nd Ave”