100 sqm / 96 sqm Flat


I got the goal to rent a 100m² flat - but there are only 96m² or some really huge Flats.
Ich found an old Bug-Report with the same issue.
To rent a 96m² Flat finished the goal, but in the old topic was the information that this issue shoul be resolved now.

I play in german and the Quest tells me to rent 100m² instead of 96m².
Perhaps it´s only fixed in english?

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Looks like you’re right. It has been fixed in English, but I looked it up on localizor, and the German translation is still using a previous edit to the 100-meter text, which is why the translation hasn’t been updated:

“tutorial_nicer_apartment_ob…” (German) - Big Ambitions Community Translations (localizor.com)

I added the new value to the localizor.
Now the people have to vote for it. :slight_smile:

But why are the old translations still valid?
I have seen different others where the old translations got deactivated because the original pattern changed.

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Most likely it was an oversight - they probably intended to force an update on those as well. Hopefully now they will see this post and fix it!

I’ve just removed the outdated translations and voted for the new correct version. :slight_smile:
Closing this as the bug is fixed once the translations are updated in the game.

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