0 customer from day 60 to the end

I play on the early access 0.1, everything was great until day 60.

As soon as day 60 is reached there are no customers anymore in my shops, I drop from 28+/day to 0/day and I can’t do anything about it.

I tried to replace my employees at work but there are 0 customers during the whole day.
I tried changing my companies, creating new ones, boosting the marketing and all, but there is nothing I can do, once day 60 hits the game decides to stop creating customers.

Any one had this issue before ? Do you know what causes it ?

Thanks for the game, hopefully a fix will come soon as this is extremely irritating to spend hours on a game that is doomed.

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Hi there!

Can you send me a screenshot of the game in your Steam library please?

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I have the same bug fix plz !

I have the same bug…

Once the game is purchased, the bug should be fixed.


Don’t crack the game :clown_face:, all should be fine =)


I started playing before buying the key . Today I bought the game and continued with my saving, but after exiting the game and starting again, the visitors disappeared. Do I need to create a new character?

I don’t want to create a new topic, but I would like to hear the answer. After buying the game, so that buyers do not disappear, do you need to create a new character or can this be solved?

The customers should return at that point without starting over. You won’t recover the income lost from the previous days where there were no customers, but after a couple days, things should return to normal.

I slept for a week, the clients never showed up. I guess I’ll have to start over

To making sure, when you loaded it, you loaded from Steam, and not the old cracked version?

I deleted all other versions, they are launched from the Steam client

That sounds odd - for the others, they were able to continue straight through after buying the game and deleting the cracked version (your saved games are elsewhere, so they shouldn’t be deleted).

Yes, it’s really strange, since I played after the purchase and everything worked. After exiting the game and downloading again (preserved not in the house, but in the store), some of the objects in the store disappeared and customers disappeared. Maybe something went wrong